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Company of the Year

Judges will look for the most dynamic success story or development by an APAC-based business operating primarily in the maritime sector.

Judges are looking, beyond just scale, for the company that best innovated in the past 12 months and improved profitability upon the previous year.

Judges will require unique stories that demonstrate advancements in strategy, turnover, efficiency and CSR and will need to be convinced the winner has succeeded above all others.


Lloyd’s List Intelligence Data Innovation Award

This award recognises a data technology project that has demonstrated innovation that redefines operational excellence and creates new business opportunities in the maritime sector in APAC.

Our panel will welcome entries from the shipping community and maritime service industries that go beyond the collection of large data sets to break barriers with innovation in information storage and software processing that display measurable and proven results.

This includes - but is not limited to - machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, the internet of things and data security.

2017 Winner: Liberian International Ship Registry and Prevention at Sea , Electronic Oil Record Book

Containership operator of the Year


This award recognises the containership owner or operator that has best responded to the changing commercial and regulatory landscape through new ocean shipping configurations and port pairings, simplified booking and documentation processes, action to reduce ship pollution and other innovations that have made the supply chain more efficient.

Entrants must demonstrate excellence in the sector and provide examples of exceptional performance in operational matters such as safety, reliability and new business processes.

2017 Winner: Maersk

Sponsored by Equatorial Marine Fuel Management Services



Dry Bulk Operator of the Year

This award recognises an APAC-based operator or owner that has taken clear advantage of the turnaround in the dry bulk sector in the past year.

Judges will look for the business that stands out from the crowd. It may be a company that has remained strong or expanded or is a start-up or spin-off.

The winning dry bulk operator must demonstrate that, during the year, it has maintained first class safety levels, best operational efficiency and consistent and profitable performance.

2017 Winner: Berge Bulk

Sponsored by ClassNK



Shipmanager of the Year

This award recognises exceptional performance in shipmanagement and is open to the region’s shipmanagers across all sectors.

Judges will be looking for solid examples of achievement that demonstrate excellence in the operation of ships in APAC over the past year, and put the winner beyond best practice and backed by proven client satisfaction.

Judges’ consideration will be given, but not limited, to examples of business development, safety and training, crew welfare, ship security, operational efficiency, reliability, profitability and CSR.

2017 Winner: Wallem Ship Management, safety focus and wellness at sea

Deal of the Year

This award, celebrating best in class, will go to the individual financier, practitioner or entity with an established presence in APAC, primarily responsible for what judges deem the best deal in the maritime industry over the past 12 months.

Judges will look for exemplary expertise and commitment to the shipping industry as well as clear examples of innovation in playing the pivotal role in what judges regard as notable cases including, but not limited to, restructuring, consolidation, M&A, structured credit, structured equity financing or general corporate purposes.

The winner will impress the judges with the deal’s size, timeliness and winning strategy.

Sponsored by Lukoil



Environment Award

This award honours the institution, company or individual that has done the most to reduce the pollution from maritime sources of the marine environment in the APAC region.

The contribution could include, but is not restricted to, ship design and operation, port operations, company-wide environmental policy, or successful policy effort on the part of a public official with maritime responsibility.

The category is open to all players in the maritime industry that can demonstrate an outstanding contribution to reducing marine pollution. Judges will be looking for tangible metrics by which success can be measured.

NEW Fuel Supplier of the Year


New for 2018, this award recognises the increasingly critical role fuel plays in both cost and regulatory compliance in shipping and the role fuel suppliers play in influencing customers to be cleaner/greener and more efficient.

Judges will look for an APAC-based fuels/bunker supplier that can demonstrate recognised commitment to quality standards and give examples of product innovation, new business won from competitors and evidence of quantifiable customer satisfaction.

Sponsored by Jurong Port


  Jurong Port

Logistics Award

The award will be given to the APAC-based, logistics-focused business which judges deem has best served shipping customers within the end-to-end land and sea supply chain.

Profitability and metrics-based over performance in customer expectation is required.

Entries should also cite new business won, or at-risk business retained, through innovative solutions. Judges may also give weight to examples of how a business has converted market obstacles into a win.

2017 Winner: AAL, ESP cargo project

Sponsored by PSA International



i-law Maritime Law Award

This award celebrates excellence in the legal profession and will go to the individual lawyer or law firm that has offered the best service to the maritime industry in APAC over the past 12 months.

Judges will look for exemplary expertise and commitment to the shipping industry as well as clear examples of innovation through which lawyers have played a crucial role in notable cases, restructuring or dispute resolution.

NEW Port Infrastructure Development of the Year


This award recognises the company, terminal operator, port operator or port authority that has completed an outstanding port infrastructure investment that drives economic and social change within APAC, at the same time as improving environmental surroundings.

The infrastructure must have been completed either in whole or in planned completion phase, strictly within the dates of the awards’ terms and conditions.

Judges will look for proven examples of innovation, efficiency, and profitability of the infrastructure investment, with attention to those projects that improve the living standards of local populations through access to better employment opportunities, business opportunities and trade.

Port/Terminal Operator of the Year

This award recognises the company, port authority or terminal that has maintained the highest standards of operational efficiency and customer service in APAC.

The winner must demonstrate exceptional innovation, improved efficiency, profitability and investment during the year in port operations.

Judges will look beyond just scale, requiring evidence of a sustained commitment to customer service, cost and operational efficiency and a faultless safety, training and environmental record, irrespective of the operator’s size.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognises an individual from the region who has, over the course of his or her long career, contributed to the well-being of the industry in a profound way.

Judges select the winner from a list of nominations submitted by the Lloyd’s List editorial team and the judging panel itself.

2017 Recipient: Mr Kishore Rajvanshy, Fleet Management

Sponsored by Sing Fuels






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